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Caretaker Antispam works differently from other antispam filters
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Caretaker Antispam combines a number of methods to distinguish spam messages from genuine messages. Each message receives a score by looking at certain features, for example the sender, contents, the make-up, etc. Based on this score, Caretaker Antispam decides if a message is to be delivered to your inbox or your spam folder.

Caretaker Antispam works differently from other antispam filters. Most filters need to be "trained" by the user to learn what is spam and what is a genuine message. Spammers know this, and have a number of tricks to mislead the filters. See the section below on tricks for more information.

Caretaker Antispam's filter is trained centrally, not by the user so when spammers find a new spamming method, the filter is updated automatically by the team of SurfRight experts.

This mechanism ensures that Caretaker Antispam continuously filters out more than 99% of all spam messages, while the number of false positives (genuine messages that are classified as spam) is virtually zero.

Main features:
-Finds more spam than other built-in and external spam filters.
-The multi-layer scoresystem of Caretaker Antispam evaluates every incoming e-mail message based on heuristics, statistical models, and innovative image analysis.
-Analyses phrases - instead of single words - and thus identifies more spam than traditional text filters (Bayesian filters).
-Identifies all image based spam, despite diffuse patterns, font size and colours.
-NEW Smart link analysis automatically detects spammy web pages on hacked legitimate websites, advertised in spam messages.
-For up-to-the-minute detection Caretaker Antispam analyzes the distribution of spam versus legitimate email for the message recipients and calculates a receiver reputation for each based upon that distribution.
-Identifies URL spam, Phishing emails, stitched images, Invisible ink, PDF spam, Excel spam, etc.
-Detects potentially dangerous files by checking the contents of attachments.
-Sending and receiving e-mails is a fast process, taking advantage of parallel programming techniques.
-Provides your outgoing e-mail messages with a specific (indiscernible) stamp. Many ISP spam filters will trust your message with this stamp.
-No need to maintain whitelists.
-No conflicts with other existing spam filters and Caretaker Antispam can work as an extra filter.
-Operates transparently, just as you expect it.
-No need to configure anything.
-No changes to server or account settings.
-No toolbars or buttons.
-Support for POP3/SMTP mail programs including Office Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat! and IncrediMail.
-Supports Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows (x64).

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